OOG Cargo from China, Transformer delivered to Poti Georgia from Shanghai China

Transformer, oversized, overweight cargo shipping from Shanghai China to Poti Georgia

UCS: China OOG cargo shipping, Out of gauge cargo from China(OOG cargo from China)

Shipment details

Commodity: Transformer main body

Dimension: 300.0000cm x 680.0000cm x 236.5000cm

Weight: 57.7T

POL: Shanghai, China

POD: Poti, Georgia

Method: Sea freight with 2×40 ft flat rack containers assembled together

Cargo accepted alongside vessel

Two 40ft flat rack containers assembled Dunnage, place wooden blocks on the assembled platform

Loading & Lashing diagram

Lifting, loading

OOG cargo, loading & lashing completed, heading to Poti, Georgia

China ports – Poti, Georgia

Poti, Georgia is a gateway to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We offers not only shipping from China ports to Poti, Georgia, but also door-to-door air/sea freight services.

China – Armenia

China – Baku, Azerbaijan

Additionally, there’s another route for shipments from China to Azerbaijan, which is China ports – Bandar Abbas – Azerbaijan.